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While you may want coaching in one particular aspect of your life, it can be helpful to explore both with your coach at least initially.
While you may want coaching in one particular aspect of your life, it can be helpful to explore both with your coach at least initially.
Note that this question is not, what sort of coach are you looking for (e.g. sales, leadership, business, life etc.) Don't worry, you'll have a chance to get specific later if you need to. For now, this is about you. HINT: There's no right or wrong answer!
Setting goals and then achieving them is a common priority for many coaching relationships, but it doesn't have to be. Many people get enormous value from the coaching process itself, and the specific goals are less of a priority.
We strongly believe everyone must define their own, unique "Something Great". However, sometimes it can be helpful to identify with role models, whether a celebrity or personal connection. HINT: You don't have to use their real name - what is important is that you share WHY you admire them.
They say, "you are what you read" so tell us a little about what you choose to fill your head with, both for fun and learning. HINT: They don't have to be different things!
Don't hold back now! We want to know who you REALLY are, not just who shows up at work. If your work is your passion, lucky you... tell us why. If not, tell us what else you do for kicks (just the legal, clean stuff please).
Have you completed any assessments that may be relevant to coaching? E.g. personality, self-awareness, communication preferences, learning preferences (Allowed formats: .doc, .docx, .pdf)

Boring but important stuff

Coaches vary greatly in how much they charge and the way they charge (typically a fixed fee for a minimum program of 6-12 sessions).

Typical coaching sessions last around an hour. To make the most of your investment, you should allow at least another hour per session for additional preparation and follow-up.

We're pretty good, but we're not mind-readers. If there's something specific you want, then just let us know. E.g. Male or female? Specific industry experience? Specific coaching qualification? Specific domain expertise?

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