The 5 whys of why everybody needs a coach

“The 5 whys” is a simple but effective questioning technique that can help to deep dive into an issue quickly. It simply involves asking ‘why’ five times, each time shifting the focusto the underlying issue. It is used widely in many different contexts ranging from root cause analysis in business, to problem solving in coaching and leadership, to driving your parents insane (as anyone with a three year old will understand… “But why Daddy?”).So, in the interest of eating my own cooking (far more sensible than eating my own dog food, as so many people seem to do???) I thought I would apply it to a question which I am passionate about… why everybody needs a coach.

Why does everybody need a coach?

Because the one thing nobody is good at on their own, is seeing themselves as other people see them.

Why does everybody need to see themselves as other people see them?

Because everybody needs that perspective in order to have positive relationships with themselves, others and the world around them.

Why does everybody need positive relationships?

Because relationships are for the mind and soul, like air is for the body. Positive relationships are like clean, fresh air… invigorating, uplifting, energising. Negative relationships are like dirty, polluted, smog… suffocating, draining, confusing.

Why does everybody need invigorating, uplifting, energising?

Because if they are not part of the solution, they are part of the problem. Life is hard and it’s getting harder. As individuals, we have never been more connected, nor more isolated. Our organisations have never been bigger, nor more dysfunctional. Society has never been more diverse, nor more conflicted. Our world has never been more globalised, nor more polarised. As human beings, we simply aren’t built to handle this much complexity. We need to help ourselves to help each other.

Why does everybody need to be part of the solution?

Because if not everybody, then who? Our leaders? Our politicians? Our corporate executives? Our parents? We no longer live in a top down world, where what is good for one is good for the next. We need to rehumanise peer-to-peer relationships at every level. From the inside, out. We all need to find Something Great in ourselves, by helping those around us find Something Great in them. Whether it be relationships with colleagues, friends, families or followers, the ripple effect of coaching is undeniable and the return on investment is exponential.