Work-life balance is dead! The future is ‘bring your own purpose’. You can’t outsource your purpose… to your employer, your partner, your parents, even your cause. Only when you ‘bring your own purpose’ to everything you do can you truly integrate them into the full life you desire.

The more I hear it the more uncomfortable I become with the concept of ‘work-life balance’. It implies that work is something you do outside of life and vice versa. Perhaps its a generational thing, or maybe the 24×7 connected world is responsible, but in my 13-year working life I don’t think I’ve ever experienced ‘balance’.

Given my recent seismic life-shift I’ve had a few conversations on this topic recently. Some with experts such as coaches and pyschologists, and others with ordinary folks like me who just want to make it all fit somehow. Generally, most acknowledge that there is a problem with the word balance specifically, and that perhaps by continuing to use the term, we are in fact setting ourselves and each other, unrealistic expectations. If we strive for balance when in fact it is unattainable, do we not create more stress and anxiety for ourselves, and feelings of failure in both work and life if we are not ‘balanced’?

So what does this have to do with purpose? Well, more on that to follow… but I have to pick the kids up from school :-)